Darcy O'Shea

What is your role with Kimberley Quest?


How would you describe yourself?

Fun, adventurous and outgoing.

Describe your role in 10 words or less:

Ensuring guests have a trip of their lifetime by making sure they are comfortable and never left thirsty!

What is your favourite aspect of your job?

Getting to explore new places along the Kimberley Coastline and meeting new people every cruise to share those experiences with.

Your favourite activity and why?

Anything involving a swim!

What is your favourite icon in the Kimberley?

King George River.

Your favourite time of the year and why?

Just after the wet season when all of the waterfalls are pumping.

Your favourite meal on board?

Tempura fish tacos and sashimi.

What are your favourite hobbies to do when you are on your time off?

Camping, hiking and catching up with friends!