Sam Rose

What is your role with Kimberley Quest?


How would you describe yourself?

Tough question, I would say I am well organised and focussed but laid back and a little cheeky when the opportunity presents itself!

Describe your role in 10 words or less:

Oversee onboard operations to provide the best experience possible to our guests and crew.

What is your favourite aspect of your job?

Seeing people come aboard at the start of a trip strangers leaving as friends, from time to time I hear from past guests and they are still in touch or spending time with fellow guests from the trip. Hearing people say that this has been the trip of a lifetime for them is what the job is all about.

Your favourite activity and why?

It's hard to say but I really enjoy the rock art and swims along the coastline, the story the art shares is an incredible piece of history of this land and the people who have called it their home. The swims are a great chance to cool down and spend time talking to our guests - they usually involve a walk to a hidden waterhole which makes the swim worth the while.

What is your favourite icon in the Kimberley?

King Cascade in the Prince Regent River, later in the season the colours of the ferns on the side of the falls create spectacular shades of green and the swim at the back of the falls is one of my favourite walk and swim locations.

Your favourite time of the year and why?

September, King Cascade's are still flowing, the plants have had a chance to recover after the wet season and the coastline is alive with Humpback Whales after their migration up the West Coast of Australia from Antarctica to their breeding grounds in Camden Sound.

Your favourite meal on board?

Oysters shucked on the flames from a fire on the beach over sunset and sashimi.

What are your favourite hobbies to do when you are on your time off?

Diving, camping, bushwalking, spending time at the beach and cooking.