Kimberley Gem

Often referred to as the pearl of North West Australia, Broome is WA’s (Western Australia) coastal gateway to the magnificent wilderness region of the Kimberley. It’s also home to the world-famous white sands of Cable Beach, making it one of the State’s most popular holiday destinations. Cruise from Broome to explore the hidden gems the Kimberley has to offer.

Some highlights of Broome include:

  • Viewing a stunning Cable Beach sunset
  • Walk in the footsteps of dinosaurs
  • Ride a camel along the famous Cable Beach
  • Take a hovercraft ride across Roebuck Bay
  • Watch the latest movie at Sun Pictures - the oldest operating outdoor picture gardens in Australia
  • Experience the multicultural past and present on display in Chinatown and the historic Japanese cemetery
  • Visit the pearl showrooms, galleries, side walk cafes, Broome Museum and so much more
  • From March to November witness a breathtaking natural phenomenon known as Staircase to the Moon (see dates and times below).

Here at Kimberley Quest we live and love Broome and the Kimberley and have extensive local knowledge of the region. We welcome you to contact us to assist with your pre and post cruise itinerary including your flights, accommodation, car hire and any tours on 1300 156 035 or

2022 Staircase dates (Broome)

From March to November witness a breathtaking natural phenomenon known as Staircase to the Moon. Dates and times for this year are as follows.

March 2022 (moonrise time)
Saturday 19th March at 6.55pm
Sunday 20th March at 7.34pm
Monday 21st March at 8.16pm

April 2022 (moonrise time)
Sunday 17th April at 6.09pm
Monday 18th April at 6.55pm
Tuesday 19th April at 7.45pm

May 2022 (moonrise time)
Tuesday 17th May at 6.27pm
Wednesday 18th May at 7.28pm
Thursday 19th May at 8.33pm

June 2022 (moonrise time)
Wednesday 15th June at 6.13pm
Thursday 16th June at 7.21pm
Friday 17th June at 8.29pm

July 2022 (moonrise time)
Thursday 14th July at 6.07pm
Friday 15th July at 7.15pm
Saturday 16th July at 8.19pm

August 2022 (moonrise time)
Friday 12th August at 5.58pm
Saturday 13th August at 7.01pm
Sunday 14th August at 8.00pm

September 2022 (moonrise time)
Sunday 11th September at 6.40pm
Monday 12th September at 7.36pm
Tuesday 13th September at 8.30pm

October 2022 (moonrise time)
Monday 10th October at 6.17pm
Tuesday 11th October at 7.11pm
Wednesday 12th October at 8.06pm

November 2022 (moonrise time)
Wednesday 9th November at 6.50pm
Thursday 10th November at 7.45pm
Friday 11th November at 8.40pm

2022 Race dates

Race One
Saturday 28th May 2022

Race Two 
Saturday 4th June 2022

Race Three
Saturday 18th June 2022

Race Four
Sunday 26th June 2022

Race Five 
Saturday 9th July 2022

Race Six
Friday 22nd July 2022

Race Seven 
Saturday 30th July 2022

Race Eight - Ladies' Day
Tuesday 9th August 2022

Race Nine - Broome Cup
Saturday 13th August 2022


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