What's included with the cost of cruising?

All transfers are provided between your accommodation and the Kimberley Quest II. Expeditions departing or arriving in Wyndham include transfers to and from Kununurra to the vessel. Selected cruises include a light aircraft transfer and a helicopter flight over the Mitchell Falls.

Our cruises include daily excursions led by our knowledgeable guides, fresh Kimberley-style gourmet cuisine prepared by our onboard chef, a selection of non-alcoholic drinks, and linen, including excursion towels. A 24-hour self-serve tea and coffee station with espresso machine.

Are there any additional costs?

Yes. Please be advised that the following items are not included in the cruise costs.

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Use of satellite phone and internet
  • Scenic helicopter flights
  • Traditional Owner Visitor Pass fees
  • Kimberley Quest II merchandise

Airfares and pre- / post- accommodation are not included in the cruise cost however, we are happy to assist you with your pre- and post- cruise arrangements.

Payments made by an Australian credit card will incur a 1.3% surcharge (excluding AMEX which is a 1.8% surcharge).  All international credit cards will incur a 2.9% surcharge.

What are Visitor Pass Fees?

During your cruise you will visit many places of cultural significance. Regional Aboriginal Corporations and family groups are introducing visitor permits to access these sites. In addition to your cruise cost, Traditional Owner Visitor Pass fees will be charged.

Kimberley Quest is a registered Uunguu Tour Operator with Wunambal Gaambera Aboriginal Corporation permitting us to operate within the Uunguu Coast locations. For further information please visit their website.

Dambimangari Aboriginal Corporation (DAC) has introduced a Visitors Pass program to support the management of the group’s unique heritage country in the Kimberley coastal region of Western Australia.

The well-documented network of historical rock art sites and breathtaking scenery has become a popular tourist trail for visitors in ships, launches and sailing craft following the coastline from Broome to the Western Australian Territory border.

The sea route includes three important marine parks populated with humpback wales, dugongs, dolphins, turtles and other sea fauna. DAC has established a team of rangers to oversee the protection of a broad range of flora and fauna.

Dambimangari country includes the famous Horizontal Falls – a remarkable tidal zone – north of Derby.

For further information please visit their website.

What about gifts and gratuities?

Whilst tipping is not an Australian custom, the outstanding service provided by our crew often attracts tips. When employees receive these, they are to pass on to the Vessel Master and at the end of the cruise all items are divided equally among all crew members. The vessel master will distribute all monies evenly.

How do I reserve a booking?

A completed booking form, terms and conditions and a non refundable deposit of 20% is required within 14 days of booking to confirm your reservation.

I am looking at travelling alone, is this possible?

Accommodation is based on twin share occupancy. Single passengers may reserve sole use of a cabin for 50% extra. Alternatively, if travelling alone you can also choose to share your cabin with a same sex room-mate and the single supplement fee will be waived. If we do not book another passenger into your cabin you will have sole use of the cabin at no additional cost (conditions apply).

What level of fitness is required?

Kimberley Quest II cruises are designed to accommodate adults of all ages and fitness levels, offering a variety of excursions to choose from. Each expedition is tailor-made to meet individual's needs and we offer various excursions, with some treks being more challenging than others. We provide detailed 'walk sheets' and our knowledgeable and friendly crew will inform you beforehand about the difficulty of each trek and will be available to offer guidance and assistance.

You have the flexibility to participate in activities according to your preferences, whether you want to engage in many or just a few!

Can I travel with mobility aids?

Due to the layout of Kimberley Quest II, we are unable to accommodate passengers who require the use of wheelchairs. Our vessel is not equipped with wheelchair ramps or lifters.

For the safety of our guests walking sticks are available for excursions. Our crew will gladly discuss excursion options and provide alternatives to suit guests needs.

Can I bring children?

Our cruises are not generally suitable for children due to the nature of our expeditions and we don't recommend children under 14 years of age. Please contact our office for advice.

I am driving to Broome but do not know what I should do with my car and caravan whilst I am on the cruise?

If your cruise is departing from Broome, Kimberley Quest can store your caravan and car at our yard. Please contact our office for more information to pre-arrange storage.

** Please note Kimberley Quest is not liable for your vehicle or possessions therefore you will require adequate insurance to cover your belongings**

If your cruise departs from Wyndham please contact the Kununurra Visitor Centre on: (08) 9168 1177.

I have business requirements whilst on the cruise and need to know how I can keep in contact?

Even though you are slipping into holiday mode we understand that some guests may need to be in contact with their work. As you will be in the remote Kimberley you will not have mobile phone range, however we do have wifi cards available for guests to purchase at an additional cost. Please speak to your captain if you wish to purchase any cards.

Alternatively, you may provide your work with our phone number for our office and we will forward correspondence to the vessel for you.

How can I get in contact with my family?

The Kimberley Quest II has a satellite & VOIP phone  on-board. Guests are welcome to use these, however they are at an additional cost to your cruise and you are required to see your captain or a crew member prior to using these facilities.

Will I suffer from sea sickness?

Only a short period of the cruise is in open sea therefore for the majority of the cruise you will find the conditions generally fine.

We do recommend that passengers who have a history of travel sickness or are concerned to bring their own sea sickness medication as a precaution. By law we are unable to distribute sea sickness medication therefore we can only offer ginger tea which is a useful remedy at keeping it at bay.

What happens if I am ill during the cruise?

Kimberley Quest requests that travellers are in general good health to participate in our cruises. Please inform us if you have any medical or physical conditions that we need to be aware of. The Kimberley Quest II carries an extensive RFDS medical kit on-board for your well-being. The Royal Flying Doctor service (RFDS) is fully supported via phone consultation and instruction by qualified medical practitioners in the event of a medical situation or emergency. The Kimberley Quest II also carries general first aid kits in all tenders and accompanies all walks.

Please bring your own medication on-board including any travel sickness medication and or paracetamol.

Please note that clients must bear the cost of any emergency medical or rescue services summoned at the discretion of the Master of the vessel in relation to any illness or injury.

Please ensure that you take out travel insurance adequate to the eventuality prior to boarding

What happens if we are prevented from cruising because of a cyclone?

The passenger accepts that Kimberley Quest has the right to change the itinerary, the vessel, or cancel the cruise as a result of some unexpected event or prevailing weather conditions and the passenger accepts that he or she may not be entitled to any compensation or refund of the fare paid should this occur. It should be noted that cruise departure/arrival times are approximate and can vary due to tides, weather etc. Please keep this in mind when booking any flights in or out.

Should I get travel insurance?

Please note in the event of a medical emergency, Medicare will not cover helicopter evacuation from the boat to the nearest RFDS airstrip.  

Please contact our office if you would like more information on travel insurance that will cover you for your cruise.

Are there any fees if I pay by credit card?

Payments made by an Australian credit card will incur a 1.3% surcharge (excluding AMEX which is a 1.8% surcharge).  All international credit cards will incur a 2.9% surcharge.

What do I wear? Excursions

Light-weight and quick-dry clothing for excursions is recommended. This includes a few pairs of shorts, T-shirts, a long-sleeved shirt and pair of light-weight pants that offer protection against the sun.


You will need a pair of enclosed shoes that offer good ankle support for bushwalking. We also recommend you bring another pair of shoes that you do not mind getting wet as we regularly have wet landings; ideally a pair of Tevas, Keens, reef sandals, booties or equivalent. Shoes can be worn on board.

Evening wear

There is no dress code for dining as a rule, generally 'Kimberley casual' attire for evenings is recommended.

What should I pack?

We recommend guests to pack four to five changes of casual clothing which are comfortable into one soft luggage bag. We advise guests to bring a backpack for excursions during the day.

All linen, towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, sunscreen, Aerogard and hair dryers are supplied on-board but you may wish to bring your own with you.

Do I need toiletries?

Yes. Any personal items, hygiene or medications must be bought with you.

We provide shampoo, conditioner and body wash however, if desired you can bring your own.

Sun protection and insect repellent is also available on-board, however you may also bring your own.

Will I need to bring a towel?

All linen is provided on-board your Kimberley Quest II cruise, including excursion and spa towels.

Do you have a laundry available?

Yes, we do have laundry facilities available. If you could please use the linen bags provided our hostesses will happily wash your clothing for you and return your items to your cabin.

How often is my cabin serviced?

Our hostesses service your cabin daily.

Is merchandise available?

Yes. Kimberley Quest offers a range of merchandise on board the Kimberley Quest II for purchase. Some items include: Long-sleeved and short sleeved sun protected shirts, shorts, slouch hats, caps, polos and stubby coolers.

Can special dietary requirements be arranged?

Yes. All dietary requirements (including gluten-free and coeliac) can be catered for on-board.

Please advise our office if your cruise is for a special occasion or birthday as we would love to celebrate with you!

Is smoking permitted on-board?

There is only one designated smoking area on-board the vessel. This is located on the top deck, behind the wheelhouse outside. Smoking is not permitted in any other areas of the vessel including cabins, alfresco dining area, front deck (top deck) and in the tenders. We ask all passengers to please use ashtrays provided and refrain from discarding butts into the water.

Can I recharge my camera batteries?

Yes. The Kimberley Quest II has 240v electricity which is suitable for recharging.

How do I arrange my drink order?

Kimberley Quest provides our guests with a drinks list which has a selection of white and red wines, champagne, beer and non-alcoholic mixers. If there is something in particular that you require that isn't on our drinks list we will endeavour to supply you with your request.

Orders should be returned to our office eight weeks prior to your departure date at the latest.

Can I bring my own drinks?

Yes. BYO is possible, however we do require notification at our office at your earliest convenience to arrange a timely delivery as some cruises require a flight transfer and weight restrictions are required.

Can I purchase drinks on board?

Yes. We do have a limited variety of soft drinks, beer, spirits, wine and champagne on-board for guests to purchase. Please remember that if you pre-order your drinks you will have more selection.

How do I keep my drinks cold?

Beverages will be stored in your cabin, with a variety of your drinks stored in your mini-fridge chilled, ready for you when you come aboard. We do have a communal fridge in the galley which you are welcome to place your drinks in as well. We have two ice machines on-board for guest use.

What will the weather be like?

The majority of our Kimberley cruises operate in "Dry Season", which occurs during the months of April through to September. Average daytime temperatures during this time are between 18-35 degrees Celsius. You can expect clear blue skies, light easterly winds and cooler evenings.

Our "Wet Season" begins in October, finishing at the end of March. The humidity is higher during the wet, with higher daytime temperatures and warm balmy evenings. This period encompasses spectacular thunderstorm activity, torrential waterfalls, lush green landscapes and magnificent sunsets.

Are there problems with mosquitoes and sand flies?

Mosquitoes and sand flies are found throughout the Kimberley due to our tropical climate. How prominent they are varies depending on the time of the year. Guests' susceptibility to these insects also varies. We believe prevention is the best option available and provide insect repellent on board. Long-sleeved clothing is also recommended during early morning and early evening.

What type of fishing gear do you have on-board?

High quality Shimano rods and Calcutta TE250 reels as well as Shimano Bait Runners are used on-board the Kimberley Quest II. A specifically selected range of lures are used to entice the fish.

What type of fishing will we do?

The isolated waters of the Kimberley are teeming with fish and the crew on-board know the best spots to catch them!

All fishing is performed from our custom built excursion tenders and includes a variety of fishing options from pelagic fishing in the outer islands to casting for the ultimate saltwater barramundi in the estuarine creeks, inlets and numerous river systems.

High quality fishing equipment is available for all passengers to use. We ask that if you lose any fishing gear you replace it. For the keen fisher person there is the possibility of bringing your own fishing gear, if you would prefer this option please contact our office prior to your cruise.

Our policy is catch and release, only keeping enough for the dinner table.

What types of fish will I catch?

From pelagic fishing you will have the opportunity to catch mackerel, giant trevally, queen fish as well as other small game species.

Fish that you are likely to catch in the river systems, creeks and estuaries include mangrove jack, finger mark bream, threadfin salmon and the prized barramundi.

Can I bring my own fishing gear?

Depending on what cruise you are booked on for, we recommend contacting the office at your earliest convenience to see if this is possible.

Selected cruises include a transfer by light aircraft which limits you to a 10kg limit therefore prior arrangement is compulsory.

What happens if I lose the fishing gear?

If you lose or break our fishing equipment we ask that you replace it. If you have any queries please speak to a crew member.

Are pre/post cruise transfers included?

Yes. All transfers are provided between your accommodation and the Kimberley Quest II. Expeditions departing or arriving in Wyndham include transfers to and from Kununurra to the vessel. Selected cruises include a light aircraft transfer and a helicopter flight over the Mitchell Falls.

Do you have luggage restrictions?

When packing for your Kimberley cruise we recommend that all passengers pack lightly and into one soft luggage bag.

Guests joining us on a cruise itinerary with a light aircraft transfer will be limited to a 10kg per person luggage allowance, as weight restrictions apply.

Please keep in mind that your bags will be weighed before departure. Any luggage which exceeds the 10kg per person allowance can be stored in our Broome office. For guests who require to take hand luggage with them please ensure the combined weight does not exceed 10kg.

All cruise itineraries not including a light aircraft transfer have a baggage allowance of 20kg per person.

What are the departure/arrival times?

Please see our transfers page for a full list of departure and arrival times for our cruises.

COVID-19 Policy and Awareness

Kimberley Quest continue to:

  • Apply COVID-19 hygiene protocols and practices, including undertaking thorough cleaning, providing sanitiser products and physical distancing for staff and guests as much as possible.
  • Obtain WA Health approval to cruise in WA waters.
  • Retain Tourism Council Western Australia Quality Tourism Accreditation.

Kimberley Quest remain committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, guests and contractors.

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