The company was first launched in Broome in 1995, under the name Pearl Sea Coastal Cruises. Originally Pearl Sea Coastal Cruises operated the pilot boat for Broome Port, commercial and research vessels as well as full day fishing charters out of Broome with three vessels: Kimberley Quest, Vantage and Sentosa.

The original Kimberley Quest was primarily used as a customs and coast watch vessel. The first extended Kimberley cruise expedition with guests departed in 1996.

In 1999 the design and construction of another vessel commenced. Using Fremantle-based boat builders and developing a custom design perfectly suited to the Kimberley region, Kimberley Quest I was launched and in 2000 commenced extended Kimberley cruises.

A great response was received from the market to the unique style of extended Kimberley cruising that Kimberley Quest I offered, so only a few years later construction of a second expedition cruise vessel begun. This vessel had a more luxurious feel but again was impeccably designed for expedition-style cruising in the Kimberley waters and along the Kimberley coastline.

Kimberley Quest II commenced operating extended Kimberley cruises in 2004. From 2004 to 2008 Pearl Sea Coastal Cruises operated both vessels, with Kimberley Quest I being used for private charter and government research work whilst Kimberley Quest II was the primary Kimberley cruise vessel.

In 2013 Pearl Sea Coastal Cruises' trading name was changed to Kimberley Quest and a new brand was launched. Kimberley Quest II is the only vessel operated by Kimberley Quest and the core values of excellent customer service, offering an intimate experience and providing the ultimate Kimberley adventure are still strong.

Kimberley Quest's new brand is in line with a much more professional look and feel and perfectly matches the high level of the product and service that has been the core of the business for more than 25 years.

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